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Add Your Own Content
This slide down option (like the footer widget) can be enabled or disabled, you can set your font, link, and background colors independently of other sections, and you can configure it to be 1 to 4 columns. Add any widget you would like, shortcodes or even custom html!

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Gone are the days of de-activating, uninstalling, re-installing and re-activating included theme plugins.  Some plugins would actually lose their saved data with this method.
Not only do we include automatic updates for the theme itself but included with Credence v2 is an intuitive, state of the art plugin updater that upon theme updates, will notify you of included plugin updates and let you update them with a single click.

Choose Your Demo



Now you can choose from our various demos which one you would like to import with a single click.  We are actively adding new ones to give you greater choices in the demo you would like to start with.
Imports include not only content, but theme settings and sidebar widgets so that you receive a complete site to get you up and running right away.

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